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Home/2015 – The Event For Working Women

Peter O Connell of Career Development Associates and Maura Byrne CEO of on how the marketing industry has taken women for granted for too long and the new event for working women that is planned for the new year on the Business Eye Show.

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In the wrong job? Here are 6 tips on how to successfully change career

IT’S A FRUSTRATING time when you realise your current career isn’t turning out to be what you want it to be, and what you had hoped it would be. You’re in a situation where you can feel stuck because you can’t see another option, and you have to keep working because you have commitments, a [...]

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There’s no shame in redundancy – hold your head high and try again

IN MEETING WITH candidates in the 40s and older, who are now trying to get their career back on track following a redundancy, I’ve noticed a reluctance and difficulty in talking about the redundancy – it’s almost as if it’s shameful to talk about! For those of us that that went through education in the [...]

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