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I don’t think I could ever thank this man enough, for what he has done for me and for my career.
In the summer of 2016, I was very unhappy in my work place, and I was not content that the industry and job that I had studied and worked for, was the right one for me. I went into my work place feeling de motivated and stressed. I actually feared going into work everyday. Although I was in a challenging role that gained me great experience, I knew I didn’t want to be there for years. However, I did not know what direction to take, or if there was any new career path for me to take.
I went onto LinkedIn and found Peter’s profile, I listened to some of his pod casts and read some of his reviews. I rang Peter and he set up a meeting to give him a better understanding of my background and experience to date. Peter listened very carefully to me and designed a career package and coaching package that would suit my needs.
In my second meeting with him he told me to write down 1.01.17 on my desktop screen at work as a motivator, as by that date, I would have progressed through my work plan and I would be in a work place that added value to my career.
Peter coached me to build up my confidence and work on my personal development and professionalism. This allowed me to apply for my ideal role. Peter worked through my portfolio and helped me gain contacts through networking. Peter also coached me through difficult periods that I was having in my current work place, and how to deal with conflict, and how to best prepare for performance reviews.
In Dec 2016, I got offered a role as a project manager with one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. I am now in a role that is the perfect fit for me, and I couldn’t be happier. I am now on a stronger career path, and I am using my skills where they can utilised fully.
I am so grateful that I came across Peter and his company. He is an absolute professional and his experience allows him to have answers for any question or situation thrown at him.
Thanks Again Peter!

Candidate who moved from the Food Industry to the Pharmaceutical Industry
“Just reflecting on my time since resigning in Oct 2014 and the events that have happened throughout the last 6 months:

One of the biggest fortunes throughout this period was meeting up with Peter O’Connell and having him as my mentor. His understanding, style, knowledge and expertise were exactly what I needed as I entered into a period of uncertainty, one that I had never experienced throughout my career. He skilfully guided me through the emotional rollercoaster that I experienced, and gave me the reassurance that I would be successful in my quest to get a job. He was always available to offer and share his expert advice be it, a phone call, an email or a meeting. At no stage did I ever feel disconnected or uncomfortable with our arrangement.

His real strength is understanding the emotional challenge, and knowing how to navigate through various stages of the transition in a subtle, yet professional way. His schedule of expectations and tasks necessary to complete, were made very clear in order for me to succeed in this journey. His knowledge and skill in designing a “Professional CV” and matching it to the job specification plus knowing what to expect at the various stages of the interview process were invaluable. These I believe were the real difference between me being called for an interview and being successful in getting the job offer.

I will be eternally grateful for having met up with Peter, and for all that he did for me. I hope I get the opportunity to return the compliment in the near future. On behalf of my family and myself, I wish Peter continued success in his career and life choices.”

Candidate – moved from a senior role in the security industry to the not-for-profit sector.
My opportunity to work with Peter came after I was made redundant having worked for the same company for 10 years. Having never been unemployed before I found the whole experience quite challenging and tended towards a negative outlook but Peter always persuaded me to see the positives and opportunities that were now open to me.

I found his support and structured approach to be invaluable during the whole process. He had ample time for me and I always looked forward to our meetings and felt infinitely more positive after each one. He is very knowledgeable about industry and knows what it takes to succeed.

I relied heavily on his expertise and am indebted to him for helping me secure a new position. I wholeheartedly recommend the career-enhancing services Peter has to offer and wish him all the very best with his new venture and adventure!”

Candidate – moved on from a pharmaceutical business to a healthcare marketing business.
“Looking for a new career path and a new direction can often be daunting and frightening. During the recession, I was put in this position where I needed this help. With Peter’s careful, honest and measured guidance we worked through a programme where I learned about myself, my career ambitions and where I wanted to go next.

Peter helped shape my experience into meaningful achievements and slowly we created a new CV and a career direction and opened up my mind to new possibilities.

I can confidently say that I still use elements of his approach when I am coaching my team, and also when I’m looking for a new challenge myself. I’d highly recommend anyone who wants to take an honest inventory of where they’ve come from and shape where they are going to talk to Peter. You won’t be disappointed.”

Candidate – moved from the pharmaceutical / chemical industry to the energy sector.

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